Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok, so Andrew decided that he wanted to practice changing a diaper so he did...on a stuffed dog. haha. Everything went well once I showed him the basics. He even used the weeblocker so he can practice not getting peed on! I can't wait to see him with Isaac. He's gonna be such a great dad.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Baby Isaac,

I'm sorry that I'm drinking a McDonald's Iced Coffee. It is sugar free though. As if you hadn't noticed, we're kind of sharing a body right now. So when you only allow me to sleep for 4 hours, I must resort to drastic measures such as these in order to work an 8 hour shift. Mommy can't hang like she used to. And she gets horrible allergies if she doesn't sleep (hence the reason why you keep getting jerked around...that's a SNEEZE!) See, my uterus is not a bouncy house. Especially not at 3 am. During the day, bounce away. When I'm not working anymore, you can stay up all night and bounce and then I will sleep all day. But PLEASE help me for the next week or so. I do still love you though...and will continue to give you chocolate chip cookies because I know you like them so much. That's why I eat them. For you =) I love you and can't wait to meet you!!

Love, mommy

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Weeks and Baby Isaac in 3D!!

Ok, so we got the 3D ultrasound today! It was awesome to get to see our little one, but I was a little disappointed. His face was smooshed up against the placenta the whole time! So it was foggy looking. And when he did back up a little, he had his legs criss crossed over his head and his feet on his forehead (which you can see in the pics). He did stick his tongue out for us and he was sucking on something...I think it was his toes. was cute. He's measuring ok...his head is measuring for a 34 week old! I can thank Andrew for that. He thinks it's funny but when I'm pushing that head out, we'll see who's laughing. Here's a hint: NOT HIM. Overall, all his measurements indicate that I am 32 weeks along, so not far off. It just means, once again that he is big. He has a little hair, but not too much. Which is a suprise to me. I know you can't really tell, but we got to see some features. He has Andrew's mom's nose =) and Andrew's lips and head. Andrew said that he has my feet because he saw a big gap between the big toe and the other toes. HAHA...he's not happy about that. =) He weights about 3lbs 10oz. right now. Anyways, enjoy the pics.

As for how I'm doing, pretty good. I'm tired. And uncomfortable. I can't see my own crotch. I know, that's WAY too much information. I can reach and see my feet but it's not comfortable to do my own nails...I might make Andrew later. HAHA. I can't believe we're in the homestretch. Only 10 more weeks to go! This week I went to the dr. and all is well. Starting week 32 I might as well move in the hospital though because I have to go every 2 weeks like normal AND twice a week for ultrasound and monitoring because of my high bp. blah. At least I won't be working anymore. That's right last day is August 2 and I have to say that it is not my decision. But hey, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Love to all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

28 Week Picture

Well, here you go! I don't think it's much bigger from the 24 week pic...just firmer. I look back at old pictures and my 28 week self wants to slap my 8/12/16 week self in the face for thinking I was huge. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Babymoon

What is a babymoon, you ask? Well..."the books" say that mom and dad should take a trip before baby comes so that they can bond. Plus it was a good chance for us to go to Maui =). We had a really good time relaxing, going to beaches, and travelling the Road to Hana. This road is only about 30 something miles but takes about 4 hours because it's really windy and you stop along the way to go hiking and go to beaches. It was gorgeous! I'm so glad that we were able to go because it was a great time for Andrew and I to spend some alone time together. Check out the pictures!
PS-Check out the last pic for a hint at the name we have chosen...well, pretty sure. 98% sure. Ok, maybe 99. I'm just too indecisive to say 100% =)
Andrew at the Iao Valley

Yes, that is Andrew on the rock...ready to jump.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby Shower 5/10/08

So I can't believe I forgot to post these!! When I went home in May, I also got a baby shower! From what I know, Jenny planned it and also got the help from Mrs. Julie, Mel, Mrs. Cecelia, my mom, and Andrew's mom. Ms. Deb was also kind enough to have it at the studio...our favorite hangout place =). Everything was beautiful! They used the colors light blue and yellow (which are my favorite) and had a moon and stars theme =). We are so blessed to have such great family and friends!! We love you and thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Third Trimester!

Ok, so I'm officialy into the last least I think. haha. I swear, it's really confusing! A pregnancy calender is not the same as a normal people calender. And don't even ask me what month I'm on! Which I think is 7 by the way...So, as quickly as time has gone by, I must say that it has slowed down. The weeks in the 20's went by slowly. I can't wait to get to week 30 because I know that I'll only have 9 more weeks to go at the most! I don't have to worry about being late. I was told by my dr. that because of my hypertension, that I will be induced on my 39th week if I don't have him by then. My bp is still fine, but it's protocol to do that. 

So, moving to the 3rd trimester everyone is asking me how I feel...well here you go. I'm terrified of labor and delivery. I know I'm strong and  billions of women have done it, but I'm SCARED. I'm also super excited and impatient about meeting our little one. I can't wait to see who he's gonna look like, if he's gonna have hair (I'm sure he will!), etc. I'm also a little nervous about being a mom. I have these fears of not knowing what to do with him. My mom keeps telling me that I'll know but still...

Physically, all is well. My belly is getting harder. I thought I wanted that but I take it back. HAHA. One second I feel like I can run a marathon (ok, maybe not THAT good) and then the next I think I might die of exhaustion. I'm always hungry but I'm trying to keep it in check. I can barely sleep. I swear, I'm waiting for Andrew to grab a pillow and go on the sofa because I can never get comfortable and he gets so aggravated! I also lost my mind...I'll be on the phone and looking for it at the same time. Seriously. I'm also pretty stressed out. About what is to come, about change, about my job. All of it. Just trying to relax and take it easy. And did I mention that I'm constantly getting kicked from the inside?? It's cute started hurting a little when he kicks in the ribs, but other than that it's just a little distracting. I'll be with a client and I can see my belly jump! I love it though.

I'm hanging in there. I'm happy, and I'm super busy with all these baby classes. We should be making the appt for the 4D ultrasound soon :)

PS-Did I mention how hot it is?? Yeah, it's hot. I mean IT'S HOT. For any person yes. But try lugging around say...10? or more extra lbs! (Ok, now you KNOW I'm heavier than that but let's just pretend.)