Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh no...

Isaac figured out how to pull off his diaper...

Valentine's Day

This should actually be before Mardi Gras...oh well. We decided to spend this day together as a family since Andrew and I have been going to parades and other events without Isaac. It was a beautiful day and we went to Lafreniere Park with Molly. We fed the ducks some bread (although I kept catching him eat some!) and then we went to the playground. We all had a blast. I am so grateful for these loves of my life!
Molly and Daddy

Little potbelly


Looking at the ducks

Throw me something, Mister!

Last year Isaac was only 4 months old and we were living in Houston during Mardi Gras, so he didn't get to go to any parades. It was freezing this year, but we did take him out today. And he had a BLAST!! We were with Nanny, Poppy, and Aunt J. Uncle Todd even came out for a bit. We tried to use daddy's old ladder but Isaac was kind of scared to sit in there so he spent most of the day on daddy's shoulders. Here are some pics and video.
With Aunt J

Throw me something!

Look at my beads, Nanny!


Scared of the ladder

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Black and Gold Superbowl!

As you all know, the Saints have had a wonderful season and ended it as the Superbowl Champs! Isaac has been spending a lot of time with Nanny and Grandma so that we can enjoy the games. Thank you for that! And thank you to Tat and Omi for bringing Andrew (and me!) to some games. We are very grateful. Here are some pics of Isaac with his Saints clothes throughout the season. And the video is just a little dancing from the Superbowl party! WHO DAT?!
At his birthday party in his jersey

Watching a game in Houston

Hanging with daddy at the Superbowl party