Friday, December 31, 2010

Health Update/Endocrinologist

We saw the endocrinologist the other day to see if there was anything hormonal going on. Usually when it comes to glucose and insulin, that's where the referral goes.She looked at his growth charts, and since he's been growing consistently, she didn't see much. She took some blood and after the initial test, everything was normal but the cortisol level was slightly low. When they did the repeat, it came back all normal.

So far now, we still don't know anything. We're waiting to hear back from the geneticist about tests that he had to send off. One lab that they've been interested in is the alkaline phosphatase. It's been extremely high since the first ER visit. That can mean a number of things--some a bit scary. But, we've been informed by his pediatrician that it can also mean a growth spurt. He's had it come down quite a bit since then which supports that theory. A normal value would be ~45-150 and the first time it was tested, his was 2200. The last one that was taken was 400. So that's really good to know.

He's been doing great. We've been checking his glucose in the middle of the night every night and it's been normal. He's been eating just like normal (everything). And we've been paying very close attention if he's acting sick.

Please continue to pray that it's nothing. It's possible that as a toddler, he may just have trouble controlling his blood sugar when his body is stressed.

A Visit From Cousins

The week before Christmas we got a really special visit from Austin, Summer, and Luke. And of course, Uncle C and Aunt Ashley. We hadn't seen them in six months so it was great to see the kids interact with one another. We celebrated Christmas on Sunday and the kids opened their gifts at Nanny and Poppy's. Of course, we had to bring Molly over there as well.On Monday night we went to Fulton Street to see the "snow". We got a lot of great pics. We love you guys and are so glad ya'll came down to visit!