Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!! We had a relaxing day and then took Isaac to see fireworks for the first time with Nanny, Poppy, and his Goddie. He loved them!

Just because...

it's funny. HAHA. Here's Isaac dancing while I was jaming out and sorting out the guestroom/office. I swear, not sure where he learned the trumpet thing. I love his face when he turns around and sees that I'm recording!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Speech Update

Well, he's still not talking much. But he did start saying one thing that makes me smile...MAMA! Yes. Finally! But there's no way I can get it on camera yet. He won't even say it in front of people but I swear, he says it! Early Steps came and evaluated him at home with Andrew a couple of weeks ago and they basically said the same thing that the speech therapist said. He's not using his consonants and he's behind but he's can definitely communicate with us. They also said his cognitive skills are great. We're waiting for a call to see if he got accepted for treatment yet. The evaluator said that he might not until he's two (that's when a lot of doctors actually start worrying about it). As for us, we're just putting our faith in God and trying to stay positive.

He is mimicking noises though and this video had me cracking up. I can't believe I caught it on camera! Nanny taught him the lion from his zoo toys. I've been working on the dog noise (even though it sounds more like a monkey) and who knows where he learned the trumpet from!

He went on down to the Audubon Zoo...

So this is late, but I wanted to share anyway. I mentioned before that Isaac went to the zoo with Nanny when she watched him for our Biloxi trip. Here are a couple of pics. I scanned them so sorry for the quality. Seems like he had a blast! Nanny said that he loved the elephants and kept trying to get down and climb in their area. haha. Thanks for taking me, Nanny :)

Welcome Home :)

Just wanted to blog that we are in our own place now.We are renting a house in Kenner and we love it! It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with a large yard. It's kind of a fixer upper so our landlord has been working on getting it fixed as well as us. Isaac loves having his own room to play in...ad I love having a decent sized kitchen! Thank you to everyone for helping us make this possible.I'll post pics as soon as we get this place looking decent!