Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elliot's First Halloween!

This year Isaac was Wolverine for Halloween. Although I wanted the kids to match, it didn't happen. Instead, Elliot was a skeleton. But, they were too cute anyway :). We went over to my cousin's house, where Halloween is a big deal in their subdivision. It was a really wet, yucky night...but daddy braved the weather to trick or treat with Isaac anyway. Hope everyone else had a fun time!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Isaac is 5!

Where does the time go? At the end of September we had Isaac's fifth birthday party. It was really special too because it was the first party we've had at our new house. It's so nice to actually have the space. We did a Transformers theme and of course we had a lot of family come by for some fun. Thank you so much to all who helped make Isaac's day so special. He's turning into such a big boy.

Elliot is 10 Months Old!

Once again, I have fallen behind. So I will now inundate you with posts. Time is going too quickly!! I love to see my baby boy grow but sometimes I wish that time would just stand still.

At 10 months old, Elliot is EVERYWHERE!He is starting to eat more and more foods and he has 4 teeth :). He is still nursing well and is waking up once at night STILL. That's my fault. I'm too tired so I just put him in the bed with us. So he's spoiled rotten. He's on the big boy side of daycare and he has a ball playing with his friends there.