Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Second Opinion

I know I haven't mentioned Isaac's hypoglycemia in awhile. That's a good thing, because he hasn't had any recent episodes. We have been giving him cornstarch before bed and paying extra attention to keeping food in him when he's sick. But we still have no answer/diagnosis. Today we visited the geneticist at Children's Hospital-Dr. Marble. He's really smart and good at his job...he specializes in metabolic disorders. I would know-working at Children's, I'm training in helping the metabolic dietitian :).

He basically got his history and did a physical exam. Isaac will be getting some labs drawn on Saturday to help with a diagnosis.For the most part, he did rule out some disorders. Now he's thinking it may be possible for him to have some type of glycogen storage disease (a defect in the breakdown of stored glucose to glucose you can use when fasting)...although this usually causes an enlarged liver, which he does not have. He also mentioned possibly having just ketotic hypoglycemia. This is better than nonketotic hypoglycemia. Making ketones is a normal response during feeds the brain during those periods of fasting. And of course, there are other disorders on the table.

We had to reschedule his 4 year checkup but according to his measurements today, he's growing well! He weighs 34 lbs 5 oz and about 39 inches tall. His BMI/age is 50-75%, Wt/Age 25-50%, and Ht/Age 25%. His height took the biggest jump! In February he was between the 3-10%. So we are very excited about his progress.

Please keep him in your prayers and let us hope that we can find some answers to these episodes that he's had in the past.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big Belly!

Here are more current belly pics. And you have no idea how much it kills me that these have not consistently been in 4 week increments :P. If you didn't know, we  just bought and moved into our first house last week so things have been hectic! Be on the lookout for house pics soon :)

23 Weeks

27 Weeks

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Isaac is 4 Years Old!

I can't believe  how big our boy is getting! Well, Isaac turned four a couple weeks ago. We celebrated with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party at Tat's house. It was a very dreary and wet day, but that didn't stop the kids from swimming anyway! He also had fun with balloon animals and a pinata. Thanks to everyone that made it out to Lafayette on such a yucky day! And thank you to all that helped with the party...especially Tat and Omi for hosting the party. We hope everyone had fun :)