Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

This past weekend was amazing. On Friday night we decided to head to Lafayette and spent Saturday on Lake Fosse on Tat and Omi's new boat. It is a beautiful boat and we had a blast! (Minus the heat). Isaac only wanted to sit in the captain's seat and he would get mad when Tat would try to steer. He was loving it out there. He didn't even get in a nap! He swam, got tugged with daddy behind the boat, and ate a LOT of fruit. HAHA. On Saturday afternoon we went to Nanny and Poppy's house for a late lunch. It was great to have everyone together, including Uncle Todd, Great Grammy, and Great Grandad. Then the guys went out and played golf. Thank you to all the dads in our lives! You all are wonderful :)

Look what I can do!

I've noticed lately that Isaac has been getting better and better with the spoon. Ever since he started grabbing at it, I've given him a spoon so that he can get used to how to use it. And of course, he watches us while we eat as well. Here is a video from this past weekend of him feeding himself oatmeal. He does a spoonful (followed by a handful!) haha

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trip to Biloxi!

So I know this is Isaac's blog but I wanted to share that Andrew and I had an amazing weekend away this past weekend. It was an early aniversary celebration as well as a chance for me to see my favorite group in concert!So on Friday we ate out and then went to the concert and then dancing/drinking after.On Saturday we woke up late, ordered room service, went to the pool, and then out to eat. It was the first time I've ever been in a different state than Isaac. He spend one day/night with Nanny and Poppy and got to go to the zoo...he spent the other half day with Grandma. Thank you so much to all of you for helping out!! And thank you to Andrew for being so sweet for taking me to this concert :) I know it wasn't his idea of fun!

Crawfish Boil at Tat's

We had a crawfish boil/family reunion at Tat and Omi's house a couple of weeks ago. Isaac had a blast. He helped Tat clean the crawfish and the onions, and he even got to go swimming. Goddie came with us as well so the whole gang was there! We are so blessed to have such awesome people in the family!
Isaac's new silly face
Checking out the crawfish