Monday, August 5, 2013

Elliot is 8 Months Old!

Ok, almost caught up :).

Elliot has learned so many new things over the past few months! It really is crazy how quickly they grow in that first year. He has become a pro at eating off the spoon. I've been making his foods like I did with Isaac, and so far the only one he dislikes is bananas. Seriously...what baby doesn't like bananas? haha. His favorite so far are peas, sweet potatoes, and peaches.

He also got his first tooth. I forgot how adorable they look with the start of one little bottom tooth ♥
Within the past month, Elliot has also started creeping. He pushes himself with his feet. He also gets up on his knees and pumps back and forth. haha. He'll figure it out soon enough. My baby boy is getting so big! 

Elliot's First Fourth of July

This year is going by so quickly! For the Fourth of July, we decided to stay on the northshore, and we went to the Mandeville Seafood Festival for good food, music, and fireworks! Goddie and Nanny came too. The food was so yummy...of course Isaac only wanted a snowball. Isaac had fun playing on the beach with Nanny. And the fireworks were beautiful too!

Elliot is 7 Months Old!

I'm such a slacker. He's actually 8 months, but I'll do that post next. Let's pretend I did this one on time and I'll update you to that point :). haha.

At seven months, Elliot is so much fun! We just recently started spoon feeding oatmeal. He's really not eating much at all, but we're trying. He also still trying to get steady sitting alone. He's still nursing and taking his 5 ounce bottles each day. He's doing so well at daycare. We haven't had any issues with them, so that makes mommy feel better :).

He's still not sleeping at night. That would be nice!! But no. He's still waking up about twice during the night to nurse. I'm trying really hard to get him comfy in his own crib. His favorite things are his jumperoo and when mommy sings songs with him.