Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Parrot

I originally started this blog draft a couple days ago with a list of words that Isaac is saying. He is talking SO MUCH more lately! We went to Lafayette this weekend and when we got back and I tried to add to the list, I couldn't keep up. haha. We went to the grocery store tonight and he's repeating everything I say. He's even linking words together! Here is the list that I attempted...obviously they're not all clear as day but he's definitely saying most of the word.

-ma -da -hop -sit -yuck -pop -cheese -food -eat -milk -bye -hi -frog -Tat -oval -Elmo -up -baby -book -yeah -no -Jake (& the Neverland Pirates) -uh oh -eye -shoe -sock -bath -turtle -hat -more -bubble -ball -Diego -Jack -cat -food -G :)

He's pointing out colors now too:


-yellow (ye-ow!)



The first words he put together without repeating word for word was "I love you!" He also said "Tat truck" and "Da truck." We are so grateful to be able to get speech and have such a great therapist with Rachel :) We are so proud of our baby!

Oh yeah!! And there's one more phrase that he's saying! Check it out:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Children's Castle

I'm a little late in posting, but last weekend we took Isaac to a fun place called The Children's Castle. Sometimes we get sucked into just hanging around the house and in the backyard on the weekends, but I've been wanting to take him here. It's located in Rivertown in Kenner, which is a cute little place with all kinds of fun, touristy stuff to do! I hadn't been there in so long. This place has a "show" every Saturday and it's different every week. I wish I would have checked the schedule because Isaac's attention span for the magic show wasn't that great! haha. I bet he'll enjoy when puppeteers come. He still enjoyed it though. It's such a cute little place. It's set in a tiny theater and lasts about an hour. It's also SUPER affordable with free parking, yes free. We had a lot of fun, and Isaac enjoyed hanging around the castle.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fat Tuesday :)

Hope everyone is doing well! This past week was incredibly stressful and hectic for us, but it's Mardi Gras season! We took Isaac to one parade other than Mardi Gras day: Krewe of Caesar. We spent some time with Goddie and some friends. I wish we took him to more but it's been so rainy! Tuesday was Mardi Gras Day, and we had a good time. We went out to the parade with Grandma and met Uncle Todd there. Even though it was a bit overcast and drizzly, Isaac seemed to have fun. We even enjoyed some king cake!

Pics from Caesar:

Pics from Mardi Gras Day:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Again...

Isaac had another episode today. The crazy thing is that I was just letting up a bit. I did notice a slight cough and runny nose yesterday though. And he didn't eat a lot of dinner, so I decided to check it at 1:15 am. I got 80 (a good number). Because of Mardi Gras holidays Andrew was staying home with Isaac today. I was worried that they would sleep late and that Isaac would need to eat so I checked it on a whim this morning around 6:45..I was not expecting to see "Lo" on the screen. Because Isaac was sleeping, it was hard for me to assess him. I blamed the glucometer and decided to change batteries. I did, and when I took it again it was 20. Once again, that is severely low.

I yelled for Andrew and tried to wake Isaac up. It's so weird. After every episode like this we get more and more prepared, yet I still feel lost. I knew that we had to give him a serving of carbs (15g) but I also knew that I couldn't just shove food down his throat. I grabbed the glucose gel and started dabbing it on his gums trying to get it to absorb. He woke up a bit and fought back, and I have to say that it made me happy. Then his teeth clenched, and I was waiting for a never came.

I knew the protocol: "Give 15 grams of carbohydrates, wait 15 minutes and retest." Well, 15 minutes is a long time. As time went by he started becoming pale and a bit limp.

I called 911. I have a glucagon shot to give if needed as well, but I'm so scared to use it. (Glucagon does the opposite of insulin-it helps to raise blood glucose.) The paramedics told me just to keep giving the glucose gel.

By the time EMS got to us, he was doing a bit better. They couldn't get an IV in him on the way to the hospital, so they kept giving him more glucose gel. He threw up a little bit but he was sitting up in a little carseat. That's when I noticed his eyes not focusing well, like in the past. In the ER his glucose slowly went to 113 from getting his IV fluids. He was discharged and we went to see the endocrinologist right away.

I don't get much from her. All his labs came back normal, and we were told to follow up in 4 months. Gee, thanks. In the meantime, we need to continue the snack at bedtime.

Yeah, got that. Thanks.

I think we'll be going to Children's Hospital for a second opinion. Not that I don't trust this hospital, in fact, I have nothing to complain about. But, they haven't found anything. I'm no expert in this stuff but dropping 60mg/dl in 5 hours seems like a LOT. I just want another opinion.

I'm really starting to feel powerless over whatever this is. I used to think that as long as I can check the glucose then it'll help my peace of mind. I never thought that it would drop so much so quickly. I knew he had a little cold, but I thought that it was under control. I just wish I can make this stop. I hate to see him go through this each time. And I don't know what's scarier...seeing him have a seizure or looking at him pale and limp. Either way, it's a lot to handle! And now I'm not sure how to deal. At this point I'm wondering if sleeping 2 hours at a time will work!

I'm glad that Isaac's stable now and we're trying our best to keep him well.Please keep our family in your prayers. Here's a pic of him tonight after eating his oatmeal+cornstarch before bed.