Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growth Check

When we went in for Isaac's 3 year checkup back in September, he weighed 29.2 lbs and 35 in. Although his weight was ok, he hadn't grown as much in the year as he should have. After further investigation, we discovered that he had low iron levels. I was pretty surprised since he eats a good diet and nothing quite stands out that he would have low iron. Lord knows he has enough energy! He was started on iron supplements and the doctor wanted to recheck it to see if they were working. We went in December and it was much improved. Then she wanted us to go and get a new height to see if the iron was causing the slow growth. If he wasn't growing with the iron now normal, she wanted us to see endocrinology.

Daddy took him to the doctor last week and he was 30.5 lbs and 36.2 in. And the doctor is now happy :). His weight and height place him:

50 and 75%ile for BMI/Age
10%ile Ht/Age
10-25%ile Wt/Age

That means that he's on the smaller side for his age but that he's proportional. I love Isaac's doctor because she listens to me. I completely understand her concern for not growing enough within the year, and she's fine with his place on the charts now. There's nothing wrong with him being below average compared to his age. What's a problem is a drop in percentiles between visits and not following the curve.

Now Isaac is constantly telling us how tall he's getting!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


When I first heard that the kids in Isaac's class will be taking turns bringing home the class pet, I panicked. In my head I envisioned me killing a fish or losing a hamster. When it was Isaac's turn, I was relieved to find out that this pet was nothing but a stuffed animal. :) Isaac had a blast with Spot. He loved feeding him "cheese puffs" and giving him "milk." Isaac and Spot went on a wagon ride and jumped on the trampoline together. He also accompanied the family to lunch. Isaac was sad when he had to bring Spot back to school...guess we'll have to take a trip to Build a Bear!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Field Trip: New Orleans Children's Museum

Last week Isaac's class went on a field trip to the Children's Museum. I was excited because it was the first field trip I got to go on with him this year. Surprisingly, we've actually never been to the museum here in New Orleans. Well, I've been when I was younger. Isn't it funny how things seem so big when you're little? :) Anyways, of course Isaac had a blast riding the bus. In the museum he wanted to spend the majority of his time at a little wooden table with trucks, boats, etc. But I did manage to pull him away for all kinds of fun stuff including my favorite...the little grocery store. I was SO looking forward to this. The kids get to pick up items in a tiny little grocery store. They have price stickers and then they can ring themselves up at the registers. I know, I'm a nerd :)

Officer Isaac

Riding the bus

Giant bubble with mommy

Cooking in the kid's cafe

His favorite!

Grocery shopping :)