Sunday, October 10, 2010

Isaac's Second Birthday Party!

We decided to have Isaac's party in our backyard, now that we're living in a house. Plus, it was a Backyardigans theme so it was only fitting. We kept the party pretty small and had a spacewalk. Isaac had a lot of fun with his second cousins and being spoiled by all the grandparents! He also had a lot of fun tasting his cake and playing with his presents. We hope you all had as much fun as we did! Thank you to everyone for coming and thank you so much for everyone that helped with the party as well as the house to get ready for the party. We love ya'll!

His cake

Some of Isaac's second cousins

With his Tias

Tasting the cake

Jumping in the pool

With grandparents and great grandparents

Opening birthday presents

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

This is Isaac's favorite song. Seriously. We first discovered this when Tio Seg brought Isaac to the aquarium. When he played this song, Isaac went nuts! Everyday I play it after I pick him up and he jams out. He does it at the very beginning and then he's fine to just sit there. My favorite part is the very beginning when he's waiting toe break it down. Here's a clip.

Isaac is 2!

I really cannot believe that my baby is now two. How crazy is that? Time really does just fly by. Isaac went to daycare on his birthday and then that night he got to open some presents early. He saw all of his grandparents as well as Goddie. I took Friday off and he went to his 2 year check up. The doctor was pleased with his progress. His wt/lt is currently between the 10 and 25 percentile. Lt/Age at 25 percentile and wt/age at 5 percentile. On the smaller side, but all normal :). Later that day I took him to daycare to celebrate the September birthdays. He was acting a little whiny but he enjoyed the chocolate cake!