Friday, December 26, 2008

Prayer Request

Our nephew Austin is having a tonsillectomy today. Please pray with us that the surgery goes smoothly, and that Austin can have a quick recovery. I also hope that we have a good trip to Houston this weekend and find an apartment within our budget! I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Celebration in the Oaks

We took Isaac to Celebration in the Oaks to see the lights. We were also able to watch the Christmas show from my old dance studio. It was fun to spend time with these gals! =)

You can tell how excited Isaac was

It's snowing!!

So, it snowed last week and of course I had to bundle Isaac up and take him out to take pictures. He thought his reindeer outfit was hilarious! 

Sweet Isaac

Here are some pics of Isaac being sweet. He loves to be held when he's sleeping (go figure!). And he's all about smiling right now. He's such a sweet baby =)


We went to Houston for Thanksgiving, so Isaac got to meet his Uncles B and C (hehe) and his Aunt Ashley. He also got to spend time with Austin and Summer. Summer wanted to be by him all the time and treated him like one of her baby dolls. She even "fed" him some food from her kitchen! Austin wasn't very interested but wanted to play with his toys. It was a great holiday. Thank you so much Uncle C and Ashley for making us feel right at home!! Love ya'll!
The family picture
Uncle C and Ashley
With Nanny and Poppy (and Summer)
the cousins
Uncle A with Austin
First Thanksgiving!

Isaac is two months old!!

So, Isaac is already 2 months old. He looks so much bigger from his 1 month pic. At his wellbaby visit, he weighed 12 lbs. 1 oz, which is 75th percentile. And he was 23 inches. He has much better control of his head and he's "talking" all the time! Time is going by so fast, but I'm enjoying every minute!
Daddy's little buddy!

Meeting some Varelas

So, I finally have good computer access. Thanks Jenny! =) Now that we're back in Nola, Isaac has been able to meet some family members. Here are some pics of him meeting some of my family. My dad just loves to tote him around like his little buddy!
Isaac with Shane and his Tat
Meeting G and his Tio Seg