Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smelling the Flowers & New Dance!

Last weekend was pretty fun. On Saturdays Andrew has class so I've started to do the laundry on Saturday instead of Sunday. I was in and out the house cleaning and whatnot. I put his shoes on so he can play and all he wanted to do is pick flowers from the flowerbed, smell them, and give them to was so cute!

I couldn't get this video on my laptop when I posted about our trip to Lafayette, so I'll add it in here. Isaac used to always dance to Boom Boom Pow in the car. It appears that he has a new jam. We were listening to Robin Thicke's song "Everything I Can't Have" and Andrew looked in the rearview mirror to see him dancing. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Follow Up

Today we went to see Dr. Niyazov (geneticist) for a follow up appointment. After the visit in November, he took a lot of blood and sent everything out to get tested. It was a lot of chromosomal stuff and took a while to get the results. Well, they came in and we went over them today.

It appears that everything is normal, chromosomal-wise. At this point the diagnosis is ketotic hypoglycemia. It seems that this is basically what's left when other disorders are ruled out. Now, he also mentioned Glycogen Storage Disease Type O. He didn't diagnose him or anything, but I guess it's a possibility. I honestly don't think it's that black or white. If you're interested, you can click on the link...but honestly, I don't think it really matters. Either way, we have to be mindful of his glucose and make sure he eats regularly. If he gets cornstarch before bed (we usually put it in oatmeal or yogurt) and he's not sick, then we won't have to really check his glucose.

To tell you the truth, I have to feel really comfortable to NOT check it. I just feel like since it doesn't wake him up...what's the harm? I mean, seeing my child seizing is not something I want to see again. If a simple poke on the finger helps to prevent that, then why not?

The doctor was very pleased with Isaac's development so far. His weight and height are good on the charts so even though his growth hormone is a little low, he's not concerned. His head circumference is almost on the charts now (it was over). Also, he was very pleased with the improvement of speech. So even though we don't really have answers, we're relieved. If it is ketotic hypoglycemia, it's something he'll grow out of. Thanks for all your prayers!

Here's a video of Isaac in the doctor's office. Andrew's been working with him to say "I love you." Halfway through he stopped and said "cheese" for the camera, thinking I was taking a pic. haha. he is TOO cute.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome :)

This past weekend my cousin Erin had her baby boy named Preston. Isaac and I were able to go see then on Tuesday and he is adorable! I didn't take pictures though :( Isaac was very interested in him as well. I just wanted to welcome little Preston Anthony Carboni to the family! (And say how proud I am of them with breastfeeding!) Love ya'll!

Weekend Trip

Hi everyone! Hope it's been a great week so far. We went to Lafayette this past weekend to visit Tat, Omi, and Tio Shane. Sunday was Tio Seg's birthday so he and G were there as well. We had a lot of fun spending time with everyone. We weren't able to go until Saturday afternoon because Andrew has class but we still hung out and played games that evening and night. On Sunday, everyone went to a nearby park to hang out and play...that is everyone but me. I got really sick and ended up in bed all day. I wasn't able to keep anything down all day...including during the ride home! Fortunately, Daddy was there to take some great pictures. Thank you to everyone we spent the weekend with...just for being you and for making me laugh :) Love ya'll!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New venture!

Hey guys, I just want to take a minute to discuss a new venture of mine. I have officially launched my professional blog about pediatric nutrition. It's something that I've been wanting to do for awhile now and I finally got the nerve to get it going. It focuses on nutrition for young kids but it's personal because I discuss Isaac and some of the challenges that we face. I also talk about things that are working for us. Please check it out when you have time and please comment and give me feedback! Love ya'll :) It's called ABC's of Mealtime.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week Isaac will start receiving speech twice a week. We're hoping this starts to speed up the process. Since switching schools, we've noticing him doing better. He usually doesn't use words spontaneously, but he'll repeat. Here is a list of words he is saying:
-da (usually "DA!!!!!" haha)
-hippo (although it's more like "hip")
-poo poo (just recently)

He also said "Suzy" which is my cousin's dog's name. haha. And he said "oval" a few times and "apple" a few times. Animal noises include:
-moo (more like "mbooooo")
-woo woo (woof woof)
Rachel notes that he says "hat" but we haven't heard it.

Like I said, some of these things have only been said a couple times so far but he's trying. And it's not like it's clear as day...but we can tell that's what he's trying to say. We're hearing him make sounds that he's never made before and that's encouraging. We are so blessed to be able to get speech. Ms. Rachel is great! :)