Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speech Update

Isaac's speech therapist comes to his daycare once a week and she keeps notes and sends them to me. Right now they have a goal to increase his number of words and to increase the use of his words. She is happy with his progress so far. I have noticed him babbling more and making sounds that I've never heard him make before. For example, this past week his therapist has him working on his snake sound "ssss". He also tries to imitate sounds. He is doing some signing as well. He signs "more", "eat", and "please." He probably does more but those are the notes that I have.

I know every parent says this, but I'm so amazed at how smart he is :). He follows a lot of directions and he helps me dress him everyday. He's getting good at puzzles and he loves to look at books.

I'll continue to keep ya'll updated on his speech.


Isaac has been working with his speech therapist and I get the notes that she writes. One day as I was reading the paper, it said that he imitates an elephant. I've never heard him do that before so I asked him. It's hilarious! This is his imitation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Like his mommy, it appears that Isaac loves shoes. Everytime we turn around and there's shoes available, he'll go put them on. Sometimes he'll even go into my closet and come out running holding a pair (yes, they match!) haha. Then he whines for me to put them on him. The video posted is so funny. He walked out of my room wearing those ugly shoes. I got those for Omi's 80's themed party.
Ugly shoes!

Mommy's tennis shoes