Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 - Elliot's First Easter!

Easter already! Last night, we dyed some Easter eggs-Avengers style. We spent Easter morning at our house, where the boys and Molly were given their Easter goodies. According to my facebook timeline, it appears that Easter is the new Christmas. Kids are getting more and more!! We still kept it simple with their Easter baskets. Isaac mostly got some Ninja Turtle stuff and a lit bit of candy. Elliot got some little toys, baby bubble bath, and some teething rings. Molly got a bone :).


Then we went to Nanny and Poppy's for a late lunch. The food was great, and Isaac also did an Easter egg hunt there. It was nice to also spend time with Great Gram and Uncle Todd. Then we made a stop at Grandma's.


Isaac was so spoiled with baskets at each stop! What a great day with family!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Update

Hi! This past few months have been a whilrwind...I figured I should give an update on each of us.

Elliot- He's four months old now. I forgot just how fun it is at this age to see them explore the little things each day. He's getting so big...and chunky! And he's looking more and more like my mom and that side of the family. We don't think he looks like his big brother when he was that age at all. I look at him and can't believe he was born 2 months early...although he's a little developmentally behind, he's doing great!

Isaac- He's such a good big brother! I'm not sure if he's gotten that much bigger/older or if it just seems that way now that we have Elliot. He's so smart and all of his "why" questions are starting to be more insightful. Yesterday he asked me why the moon was round and not a crescent like usual. Right now he's into the Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and the Avengers. I can't believe he'll be going into kindergarten in the fall.

Mommy- I have adjusted to being back at work. Two weeks after returning from maternity leave, my boss told us she would be leaving. She's now gone and I've found myself there longer than the other dietitians. I'm left working in the NICU and I'm now the fulltime metabolic dietitian...doing VERY specialized diets for children with metabolic disorders such as PKU and galactosemia (and TONS more). I love it and I'm learning every day. I'm contemplating going for the chief dietitian position. That about sums life, pumping, and family. We're also still trying to get the house straight. Can you believe that we still have a few boxes that need unpacking? haha

Daddy- He is now working full time with Dish Network doing home installations. Starting next week, he'll be out of training and on his own. Although his long term plan is to be an electrical engineer, we had to put school on hold for a bit. Daddy loves playing with Isaac and learning to be quite the handyman at home.

Our family has been through so many changes over the past year and we are so very grateful that we have such a great support system in our friends and family. Even through tough times, God always seems to provide for us.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Elliot is 3 Months Old!

Time is going by too fast. At three months, Elliot weighs 12 pounds, 5 ounces and is plotting like a full term 3 month old :). He is smiling socially now and is much more alert. He LOVES the bouncy seat, the gym, and now likes the swing.

Krewe of Cousins

I'm still here! Just being a bad blogger :) And I have some catching up to do. This year, Isaac and Elliot's cousins were here to visit for Mardi Gras again. It was so fun to see all five of them together! It was also the first time that Uncle C got to see Elliot. As usual, Summer and Isaac had the most fun together. And they all caught a lot of loot at the parades. Can't wait to see ya'll again!!