Thursday, January 26, 2012

Geaux Hornets!

Since football season is over (a disappointing one at that :( ), we've found ourselves now rooting for the Hornets! I've never been a basketball fan, but since Tat has season tickets I went to my first game during the playoffs last year. It was a blast! Last weekend Isaac went to his first game. The games are really family friendly-he got his face painted and had a lot of fun with all the music playing. We have to work on rooting for the right team though. He kept yelling "go tigers!" and "who dat!" haha.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Sorry I'm late in posting. Camera issues :( This past Christmas was amazing! We hosted at our house on Christmas Eve where we had some amazing food and fun with family. We opened presents at midnight, and this year Isaac was able to participate! The next day he played with his presents from Santa, which included rollerskates with a helmet! He also got the slinky dog from Toy Story and some movies. On Christmas Day we went to Nanny and Poppy's and had brunch and later went to my cousin's house to spend time with the WHOLE family. We were all spoiled this year. Thank you to everyone for sharing this special time with us!

*Pictures courtesy of Omi's camera. I have no pics of Nanny's house :( Sorry!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Program

This is the first Christmas for Isaac at his current school, and they did a Christmas program for family and friends. Both Andrew and I were able to go, as well as Grandma and Poppy. It was adorable!! Compared to his last school performance, he performed much more. Although he didn't really sing at all, he did dance and take part. One of the funniest parts was caught on video when he came down the aisle towards us instead of up to the altar with the class.